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Equipment Needed

All Players are responsible for:

A stick


mouth guard

protective eyewear (goggles)


The rules state that girls can not wear any jewelry including earrings. Earrings may not be taped. It is strongly encouraged that you wait until after the season is over for any new ear piercings. Cleats are necessary as we will be playing on grass fields.


All goalie equipment is provided.


What type of eye wear is appropriate for your daughter to wear during field hockey season?



All lacrosse eye wear is good for field hockey except the clear plastic eye protectors. If you have a pair of below goggles your daughter will be fine for the season.


In addition if the goggles say "Performance specs" : ASTM F803 for womans's lacrosse and field hockey, you have the best goggles for both field hockey and lacrosse.


If you are in doubt of your goggles contact Sartorious at 860.676.8850 however all of the below goggles are safe to play field hockey in:




The uniform is purchased as an addition cost, and is yours to keep at the end of the season. Should you not wish to keep your uniform you may offer it as an exchange on our website. 


Cold Weather Clothing:


Additionally during the late season practices, it can get cold and sometimes rainy. If this happens, please have your child wear layers with outer and under layers of clothing. Some suggestions are:full-sleeve t-shirt, water resistant jacket, water resistant sweat pants, and thin gloves.









What should I look for when purchasing a stick?

Our recommendation for the size of the field hockey stick is approximately 1 1/2in below your child's hip bone. Most sticks come in 1/2in sizes. Composite sticks are preferable, as they give the child more power and control.

In the event that your child is not with you when purchasing a stick, please use the following as a guide when choosing the stick size for your child.

Stick Length



4' 0" & under


4' 1" - 4' 3"


4' 4" - 4' 6"


4' 7" - 5' 0"


5' 1" - 5' 3"


5' 4" - 5' 6"


5' 7" - 5' 9"


5' 10" & up